sm(shemale) K chapter-8

sm(she-male) The story of the shemale "K" chapter-8

sm(she-male) K子さん chapter-8-5.

sm(she-male) The story of the shemale "K" chapter-8-5.

sm(she-male) K (47)

Is a note of a K of a sm(she-male) prostitute, a sm(she-male)-lover do not Mr.Makutu was itless, and レス came down from a sm(she-male) prostitute K .

It is the continuance.

"The レス 2 of a sm画像(she-male) prostitute K to which do not Mr.Makutu which is a sm(she-male)-lover for a K of a sm(she-male) prostitute" || of course || new || the personal data which the visitor who is a half-lover is registered with || is past || new || can call a history of a half play (only but, minute of the sm(she-male) prostitute), too.

When a sm(she-male) play is over, a sm(she-male) prostitute inputs the situation of a sm(she-male) play into a format and || the daily newspaper which compiled it || by the evening of the next day || new || transmit it to a half office.

The daily newspaper becomes a base, and it is compiled a share for one month, and unloading and money of distribution to a sm(she-male) prostitute are calculated, and it is the system which money is handed to from an office of a sm(she-male) club to an individual sm(she-male) prostitute in the month beginning.

Therefore a prostitute of our smはこちら!(she-male) club cannot rise by when there is not minimum computer operation.

Therefore when a new face sm(she-male) enters || a former secretary or the older sister that former OL or computery can || new || a half prostitute || new || do a lesson of computer operation with the training of manners of a partner of visitor who is a half-lover simultaneously.

It is it, but sometimes operation of a keyboard is never learned to be superior in art of Sex, and the sm画像(she-male) daughter that it is it is in adoption cancellation.

wo... the sm(she-male) prostitute K became sleepy.

To asking it and I answer you later.

Take a rest.