sm(shemale) K chapter-8

sm(she-male) The story of the shemale "K" chapter-8

sm(she-male) K子さん chapter-8-2.

sm(she-male) The story of the shemale "K" chapter-8-2.

sm(she-male) K (44)

By "the write in it 3 and the time that face it if do not Mr.Makutu that new, is a half-lover of a K of a sm(she-male) prostitute" continuing レス to the Mr.Makutu which is a note of a K of a sm(she-male) prostitute, a sm(she-male)-lover || a holiday such as today || new || reservation time of visitor who is a half-lover is separate.

A visitor of the first sale of today's smはこちら!(she-male) prostitute K sent a wife to a meeting of something, and was dropped in when a return had room for three hours till picked up a wife || new ||, in the that was a half-lover, was seen what at 13:00 (is a special rate by a reservation of overtime).

I asked you it, and I stuck, and, for う reason, as for the smはこちら!(she-male) prostitute K , it was put a hand in a handrail in a porch of an apartment of a workshop of a sm(she-male) prostitute (ten F) from the back since the ま day, and ひぃひぃよ added to って (slightly cold).

I was entertained with tea and came back to オジサン which ナンパし going, a sm(she-male) prostitute K afterwards so that a sm画像(she-male) prostitute K became vacant all the time, and a walk bought underwear for て to ○ ○ ○ shop (an underwear shop) by time.

A reservation is made for the visitor who is a smはこちら!(she-male)-lover to "drop in since visitor who is a sm画像(she-male)-lover, 22:00 of a golf return after having been present at a marriage banquet" from now on since 19:00.

A sm(she-male) favorite visitor of a holiday makes time under the pretext of something || new || because there is many visitor who is a half-lover, is interesting considerably when hear the reason.